A Chat with Brandon Kuzma, the Original ‘N64 Kid’
Famed internet celebrity 'N64 Kid' has sold his once cherished Nintendo 64 console. Why?
Portable footy on the DS. Does EA's annual kickabout sim make the transition well?
Mario Kart DS
It's the Mario Kart you know and love, but over two screens and with added online play too. Instant classic?
Musashi: Samurai Legend
Musashi: Samurai Legend is one of Square-Enix's lesser-known franchises. It started off on the PlayStation back in 1998 and now Square-Enix has decided to resurrect the little Musashi fellow and bring him to a whole new setting on the PS2. The first thing you noticed about Musashi: Samurai Legend is the manga inspired art style. The game has incorporated a cel-shaded anime style and it looks great, even the intro is beautifully animated showing …
When Nintendo announced that, with the release of the DS, they intended to broaden the video game market they certainly weren't kidding. This compelling puppy sim proves it.
Quantic Dreams deliver a glimpse at next-gen gaming with this impressive 'interactive movie' and a look at just what else games can be.
Alien Hominid
together in a giant colourful mind-meld of craziness. Fast-paced action galore and the odd splattering of blood, welcome to the world of Alien Hominid.
Killer 7
Suda51's assassin action-adventure is the latest of the famed 'Capcom Five' to hit Nintendo's GameCube. But how does this polarising experience stack up?
Doom 3
Silence fills the room. You are on your own, one man against untold forces of twisted alien foes. Welcome to Doom 3.
Juiced, which was originally slated for a release last year, is now in stores thanks to publisher THQ who picked up the title after the troubles over at the now defunct Acclaim. With these publisher issues aside, what can the game offer you, and is it worth your hard earned pennies? At first Juiced seems to be a fairly standard racer, offering an arcade-like mix of gameplay styles, falling somewhere in-between the likes of …
Tales Of Symphonia
Before I begin gushing about how fantastic Tales of Symphonia is I've just got to tell you that this is my all time favourite game, ever. I will, however, try to remain neutral throughout this review as much as possible!  Remember a time when Nintendo consoles were the place to be to get your RPG fix? You'll have to go back quite a few years, back to the days of the SNES in fact. …
Halo 2
So, Halo 2? One of the biggest releases of the year and possibly one of the most important titles for any gaming platform ever. The hope of millions of Xbox gamers rests on the shoulders of Bungie's opus. So no pressure then. With the sequel to the hugely popular Halo: Combat Evolved Bungie has worked for the past two years to create something that not only surpasses the original, but redefines what gamers expect …